Inner Glow Health Products offers education, support and encouragement on a wide range of integrative and complimentary therapies, natural products and nutritional supplements for improved health and well-being.

With over 33 years experience in the alternative health industry, Inner Glow has built an enviable reputation for service, quality and the supply of unusual and effective natural remedies often unavailable elsewhere.

Inner Glow only stock and sell products that we personally endorse. Through our online store you can access an extensive range of natural health supplements including Hulda Herbs and Inner Glow are the primary Australian distributor for Aubrey Organics.

We offer our customers a personalised phone service so that you can call and discuss various products, and we will guide you to the most suitable selection for your health needs. We offer a variety of natural health consultations via phone, or you can arrange a Skype consultation(by appointment only). Our phone lines are open from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday AEST.

Wouldn't you like to experience the inner glow that only true good health can bring? So, if you care for your health and want to be up with all the latest in natural or alternative healthcare, Go with our Glow!

Products are categorised in the following formats:

  • INNER GLOW HEALTH PRODUCTS - Wide range of body and intestinal/bowel cleansing programmes, nutritional, mineral and dietary supplements of proven effectiveness, bio-energetic products and much more. Keep an eye on our latest news section for details of new products as they come on-line, special offers and latest developments.
  • HULDA HERBS - For those wishing to follow Dr Hulda Clark's parasite programme. (We introduced Dr.Clark's work into Australia in 1994).
  • BOOKS OF REVELATION - Books and videos on health and inner development.
  • AUBREY ORGANICS - Chemical-free hair and skincare - America's biggest selling range of totally natural skincare products.